‘You need only let go of your body and relinquish your life therein only once. When the time comes, it happens suddenly, and you only know this experience. This is called letting go of your grip over a sheer cliff, then after perishing, coming back to life. Suddenly, in an instant, you recognize the root source: your own nature, the nature of others, the nature of living beings, the nature of afflictions; the nature of enlightenment, the nature of Buddhas, the nature of spirits, the nature of bodhisattvas, the nature of the created, the nature of the uncreated, the nature of the ultimate end, the nature of the sentient, the nature of the insentient, the nature of ghosts, the nature of titans, the nature of beasts, hells, heavens, polluted lands and pure lands – you see through them all at once, without exception, finishing the great task and passing through birth and death. How could it not be pleasant? (The Undying Lamp of Zen)

A bit more of that Rinzai rhetoric – it does all sound rather pleasant doesn’t it? I wouldn’t know…

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