Chan Master Dao

Verse on containing the universe:
The universe and myriad forms,
Hell and heavens;
In reality everything is seen –
It is used everywhere without harm.

Verse on cutting off all streams:
Piling in mountains, heaping in crags,
Each is completely dust;
If you still try to discuss mystery and marvel,
The ice melts and tiles crumble.

Verse on following the waves:
An eloquent mouth and clever tongue question:
High and low, responding without fail
Is like medicine appropriate to the disease;
Examination and diagnosis depend on the time.

Also following on from Baizhang and Yunmen in the Book of Serenity.

One thought on “Chan Master Dao

  1. Hi Shundo Hope you are well and happy! Please find attached some photos from Saturday…if you need any more just let me know. On a personal note I just wanted to say thank you so much for visiting our small group…I always really enjoy seeing you and listening to your talks which are thought provoking, entertaining and knowledgeable. Have a lovely rest of your trip and I look forward to seeing you soon.

    Kind regards Adam x

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