‘Existence cannot be grasped; nonexistence cannot be grasped either. Winter’s cold and summer’s heat cannot be grasped; inside, outside, and in between cannot be grasped. The one who speaks like this cannot be grasped; the one who hears such talk cannot be grasped either. Not even a fine hair can be grasped. Neither you nor I can be grasped. Ungraspability itself also cannot be grasped. Amidst ungraspability, apprehending things in this way, when you get to this point, how will you seek? Even this “How will you seek” has no applicability. Hence these words too are not acceptable. Since these words are not accepted, I certainly have nothing to say, and you certainly have nothing to hear. “No speech is true speech and no hearing is true hearing.”‘ (Swampland Flowers)

So then what are you going to do? More echoes of Dogen, grabbing your nose and not letting go.

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