Zenju Earthlyn Manuel

‘Somehow we believe, even if subconsciously, that random, meaningless people are everywhere, leading their random, meaningless lives. We do not have the energy to pay them any attention until they enter our lives. That is when they become noticeable to us. When they affect us they become important. It makes perfect sense that when someone or something disturbs our decidedly important lives, we can become angry. We are angry because we have a set way of seeing life and have decided how it should function. When it does not meet our expectations, we feel that our plan has been upset…
What makes us angry is that we cannot see the infinite numbers of ways there are for the world to present itself. We believe only in our own reality. We see our individual selves as the center of the universe. Many, many times, the anger is not even directed at an “other.” It is really intended for ourselves. We become angry with ourselves when we do not know what to do with our fears.’ (The Way of Tenderness)

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