Getting Things Done

As it happens, I still haven’t really started working on the photos from my trip beyond the initial selection. I know how many hours it will take, and this past week, as I slowly drag myself into the right time zone, I have had some other things that have felt more important to take care of, to help me re-enter my life in San Francisco.
It has felt good to sit on the Embarcadero with Zach again, this time in bright warm sunshine; to return to the jail (where I had a fairly boisterous large group to deal with this time round); and to check in with students. Tomorrow there will be a roam, on a route we have taken before, which offers some places of peace right in the middle of the city.
I have also taken the time to edit a few of the talks I gave while I was in England, and have posted them on the audio page. The talk from Hebden Bridge is probably the most formal, and the brief remarks from Glastonbury the least (you can hear the clinking of tea cups and plates of cake in the background); I hope that you find something useful if you take the time to listen to any of them. Now I have to start focusing on some recordings that have been commissioned, which will help me keep paying my rent, and if I have some energy left, I may even finally put away the remnants of my trip which are still scattered around my room.

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