Gesshin Greenwood

‘The only good advice I ever got about zazen or Zen practice in general is: “It takes time.” I never wanted to believe this, but I think it’s the only advice that anyone gives that is actually true. You just have to sit for a long time, for many years, and then wisdom and trust […]


‘Grass, trees, tiles and pebbles, as well as the four great elements and the five skandhas, are all equally inseparable mind, equally marks of reality. The entire world of the ten directions, the buddha nature of thusness, is equally things abiding in their conditions. How can there be grass, trees, and so on within the […]

Zenju Earthlyn Manuel

‘Somehow we believe, even if subconsciously, that random, meaningless people are everywhere, leading their random, meaningless lives. We do not have the energy to pay them any attention until they enter our lives. That is when they become noticeable to us. When they affect us they become important. It makes perfect sense that when someone […]

Sitting and Flying

In Belfast, I started to have the sense of my trip coming to its close, though I still had some adventures ahead of me in the final week. On Friday we did go and sit in the zendo, and with a small number of people in attendance, Djinn invited me to be the doshi, so […]

Frank Ostaseski

‘It is a most beautiful and difficult thing to be human. Waking up in this human experience is not easy. Authentic spiritual practice is not about maintaining high altered states, transcending the body, bypassing difficult emotions, or healing all that remains unresolved within us. It is more grounded, real, and alive than that. Spiritual practice […]

Uchiyama Roshi

‘You should just sit without thinking anything. To support this, living in a monastery is convenient. When the time comes, the bell for zazen is rung and we sit zazen, setting everything aside without concern for whether we like it or not. We have no time to think it irksome. When we sit, we are […]

Time and Place

When my father moved to Cornwall, during the years I lived in London more than two decades ago, most of my trips down to see him involved bringing my bike, and grovelling up and coasting down the endlessly folding land around his house: the green hills, narrow lanes and tall hedgerows tucked below the higher, […]

Kobun Chino

‘”Many” means everyone is yourself, but as soon as you realize there is “I”, all who were yourself become “others.” Keeping this attitude moment after moment is very intense anger toward the very minor sorrow of separation.’ (Embracing Mind)


‘When you study this Path, before you’ve gained an entry, it feels endlessly difficult. When you hear the comments of the teachers of the school, it seems even harder to understand. This is because if the mind that grasps for realization and seeks rest is not removed, you are obstructed by this. As soon as […]