Kobun Chino

‘Why do we forget the self? To attain supreme perfect enlightenment? I am sorry, it isn’t so. Facing the wall means to shoulder the world and forget yourself. Maybe we’d better not think of this action too much. It is a kind of discovered wisdom, like our posture and breathing. Each of us discovers our best way. We drop all kinds of preconceptions of what we are, what we have been, what we wish to be, or will be. We give those thoughts about ourselves a rest. You eventually go back, but you do not stick on the habitual way of knowing yourself, rather, you let yourself be free to see yourself among all things. In Fukan Zazengi, Dogen said, “Set all those myriad concerns aside when you plunge into sitting.” Like a person who is about to go for a swim, you forget about what kind of clothing you are wearing. Just take them all off and jump in the water. Some people may got into the water with a newly bought dress! It is not necessary to bring it into zazen. A billion dollars doesn’t help much, either, in fact it rather hinders your ability to be free from all kinds of agency.’ (Embracing Mind)

A good post for Rohatsu week {does quick search of posts, realises I have not written about Rohatsu by name before, but finds I did refer to it way back when}.

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