Sekkei Harada

‘It is tempting to fall into thinking that “Everyday mind is the Way, so whatever I do is zazen.” Those who dislike doing zazen say, “If everything is zazen anyway, why should we do it?”
But this is a mistake. If whatever we do is zazen, then zazen is also a part of whatever we do. Whatever we are doing – sitting, lying down, walking, talking, and so forth – it must all be a continuation of mindful practice. It is truly difficult to do, but this is the type of effort we must make. Sameness and difference are indeed very difficult to practice, but it would also be wrong to try to always be consciously aware of them, such that we end up thinking, “Now I must practice sameness,” or “Now I must practice difference.” We must be able to practice them naturally.’ (Unfathomable Depths)


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