Tatsugami Roshi

‘There is no better way to understand non-thinking or thinking the unthinkable than through the actual practice of zazen. When I explain the meaning of non-thinking, it is like scratching your foot without taking off your shoe.  It’s all nonsense.  Similarly, if I were to explain how wonderful taking a bath is to a person […]

Han Shan

In one flash of thought My turbulent mind came to a rest. The inner and the outer, The senses and their objects, Are thoroughly lucid. In a complete turnabout I smashed the Great Emptiness. The ten thousand manifestations Arise and disappear Without any reason.

Kobun Chino

‘One period of sitting is not your own sitting. You may feel it is your sitting, but the inner view, which is utterly the external view as well, is that your personal existence is not sitting, but is included in sitting. The inner view includes everything which your mind is continuously working on. Memories arise. […]

Suzuki Roshi

‘So if you think enlightenment is just a personal experience, this idea of enlightenment is like collecting only square stones or only round stones. If someone likes beautiful stones, in which you can see something blue and something white, if that is his enlightenment, he will keep collecting the same stones. But with so many […]

Bands of Rain

On Friday I was teaching on the Peninsula in the morning, before heading up to Wilbur. There were banks of clouds massing low in the sky, moving steadily up from the south. Arriving a little early, I had the chance to be by the water for a few moments, watching these huge rolling layers. During […]

Shinshu Roberts

‘Connecting with and understanding the nature of all being-time could not be more relevant to our situation as world citizens. Realization itself is not divorced from everyday life, not is it divorced from our connection with all of earth’s denizens. This is the Bodhisattva Path as Dogen envisioned it. A bodhisattva’s vow is to save […]