Suzuki Roshi

‘So I think we have so many students here, but I don’t know how many of you will stay with us. I don’t know how many. If you have good reason to stay here you will stay. But if you haven’t got much reason, I don’t know. What I am saying right now is when you have – when you want to be Buddhist it is necessary for you to see your – our everyday life more carefully. This is something… we say ordinary life it is not ordinary life, it is very… very dangerous and precarious life. We cannot trust people in city so much. Nothing is permanent or reliable in our society. If so, you know, someone should be, should become reliable, trustworthy person or else, you know, all society will be lost. If it is – if it is hot, when it is hot we need big tree under which we have cool wind. When it rain we need someone who has umbrella. When you see human life carefully you will find out how important it is to become trustworthy person. It is not necessary to be a great man, but we should be good enough to help our neighbors.’ (from the Suzuki Roshi archives)

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