The Nature Of Wind

Zachary leaned over at the end of Monday’s sitting on the Embarcadero and name-checked Master Baoche. The nature of wind has been permanent recently, and there is no place it has not reached.

Overall, the weather has felt pretty exhausting this past couple of weeks. There have been days of solid rain, and days where the sky changed so quickly it was almost impossible to keep track of what was happening: one moment you could see blue skies out of the window, the next there was another lashing deluge – even hail at one stage on Friday.

Luckily I did not have many places to be last week, and on Sunday, after overnight rain, it was clear enough to ride. With my road bike still out of action, I have been continuing my sorties to the south of the city on my fixed-gear, and tried a different combination of roads this time, from Bayshore to Skyline. While the landscape is not as pretty as much of Marin, some of the roads and trails are great for peaceful riding. I was confronted with the wind on the way back north (reminding me of the first time I rode up that part of the peninsula, riding back from a YUZ weekend at Jikoji), and pummelled by it all the way from San Bruno to Golden Gate Park.

Monday, at least, was sunny; the wind was from the north, and it felt cold during the sitting, as it had last week, but there was a sense of the storms having passed. Later, when I came out from my session at the jail, it was still a little light, for the first time since the clocks went back, and an all-but-full moon was glowing over the bail bond offices on Bryant and the lighter holiday traffic.

At this rate, with the forecast looking a little more settled, we should be able to roam on Sunday afternoon, the first of the year. On Tuesday, still working at home for one more week, and with warm sun beckoning, I took a break to run around the route I had thought of, which will work nicely. I took the J-Church down to Balboa Park, looped around Ocean View and Woodside, and since I was still feeling okay, cut back from Balboa Park to Glen Canyon and home via Diamond Heights and Market. That was a good workout, with great views, not just of the ocean.

DSCF5380 copy.jpgIt has certainly been rainbow weather recently. From a ferry ride north.

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