Keizan Jokin

‘Don’t you see? Making the eyebrows rise and the eye blink is alright and not alright. That realm is beyond doubt. Everyone is already endowed with it. When you try to understand that place, it has no features such as ears and eyes. You cannot discern it through seeing and hearing; nothing at all is done. However, although you are both together from the beginning, and finally it is something the name of which you do not know, it is something magnificent. Not only that, but that which gives you life and makes you die, makes you do such things as come and go, and makes you understand through seeing and hearing, is surely This. Do not seek the True Dharma apart from it. How can you expect to see it some other time? Even the twelve-part teachings point to this truth, and all sentient beings are inseparable from its functioning. How could you seek elsewhere for proof? Can you understand? Aren’t you raising your eyebrows and blinking right now? If you just thoroughly see that which understands through seeing and hearing, you will never doubt what the old masters said.’ (The Record of Transmitting the Light)

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