Kobun Chino

‘If you say that you can only take care of what’s inside of your skin, and what’s outside of your skin is someone else’s problem, that doesn’t work. Your external body, limitlessly opened, is the larger part of your body, actually. The inside of your skin is a very small part. It’s a landmark, where […]

Rain and Rainbows

I don’t mind the quirks of the calendar that have me going up to Wilbur only a couple of weekends after my previous visit – except for having to lean on my friends and benefactors more regularly for use of a car… Looking at the forecast for the weekend, I packed for the rain rather […]

Kosho Uchiyama

‘How can we determine if we are in the present moment? There is no fixed criterion to measure this because it is never hidden or revealed. At any moment, the present moment is the present moment without fail. Therefore, in our lives, the present moment is the present moment anytime and anywhere. However, if we […]

Dawa Tarchin Phillips

‘If you’re just looking to confirm what you’re already thinking about people and the world, the Buddha’s teachings might not be the right place for you. It’s the job of the Buddha’s teachings to challenge assumptions and show you that you have a limited perspective if you think you’re the only one in the right. […]


Now I have a single robe, Not made of gauze or of figured silk. Do you know what colour it is? Not crimson, nor purple either. Summer days I wear it as a cloak, In winter it serves as a quilt. Summer and winter in turn I use it; Year after year, only this.

Rev. angel Kyodo williams

‘I don’t think taking sides suggests that we negate the humanity of everyone else’s position. We take sides and we understand that we must take care of the whole. We take sides in a way that doesn’t take sides. We take sides in a way that doesn’t separate. It distinguishes and it discerns, but it […]

Words To Live By

I can be a bit of a sucker for self-help articles on the internet; sometimes it helps me to realise that just about anyone can pontificate about just about anything online and someone will enjoy it; sometimes I get to feel a little smug about having lived long enough to have acquired a little bit […]