Kobun Chino

‘We came from Truth, we are in Truth, and we will go back to Truth. It is impossible for each of us to observe the whole Truth. Although we trust the functioning of our whole body and mind, we still have to admit to the limitation of our sense organs, of our body and mind. Watching the ancient light from innumerable stars, we identify that as the present. Watching the ancient rock, we have countless ages beside us. Still, we pay little attention to the rock. Listening to the sounds of insects flying around, we measure them as very short-lived creatures. Or standing by the aged, old trees, since our senses are very much related with the eternity of things, it feels good to stand beside them. Yet, we know all existences have an ending. I still don’t know what comes after that ending, and the limitation of our knowing is very obvious.’ (Embracing Mind)

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