Maura O’Halloran

‘Rescued this notebook from a fire. Tessai-san said I should keep a diary. I felt there wasn’t time to write feelings and analyze reactions. He said feelings were moso [something that can distract]. I said they were not and he agreed but said a busy person should just write events. Events will recall feelings. This seemed a fitting notebook to use.
The day I found it was in January. I got up at 3:00, shoveled snow, did zazen, woke the others, made breakfast, cleaned up, went out to beg. We had lunch at Okawa-san’s (tempura…she is kind, remembered that I love it). I came home, gave Ojichan [“uncle”] lunch, cleaned temple, lit fire for bath, made dinner, cleaned up, sorted momi [chaff] from rice, talked with Tessai-san (admire him profoundly), did zazen and went to bed. Takuhatsu was a busy time.’ (Pure Heart, Enlightened Mind)


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