Gary Snyder

A few light flakes of snow Fall in the feeble sun; Birds sing in the cold, A warbler by the wall. The plum Buds tight and chill soon bloom. The moon begins first Fourth, a faint slice west At nightfall. Jupiter half-way High at the end of night- Meditation. The dove cry Twangs like a […]

Keizan Jokin

‘If you think that you have to become a Buddha or acquire the Way, and that in order to acquire the Way you have to abstain from food [except once a day], live a life of purity, meditate for long periods, never lie down, venerate the Buddha, and chant the scriptures and accumulate all the […]

Sylvia Boorstein

‘If my mind didn’t cling, I would be totally fearless. Nothing would frighten me, because there would be nothing I would be afraid to lose and nothing I would need to be happy. But my mind does still cling, so I am sometimes frightened that I won’t have what I think I need or that I’ll […]


‘When I eat my dinner, my thinking mind does not digest it; something else digests it. Some other power pumps my blood and circulates it through my body. My hair and nails do not tell  me they grow; they grow while I pay no attention. Something else is living in this body. The part I […]

No Wind

The past week has seen the kind of endless blue skies that I do not get tired of in San Francisco; they are common enough (for all that it has been a wet winter), but there have been some recent days where, unlike recent weeks especially, the wind barely blew, and that is a rarer […]

The Acquiescent Mind

Outwardly still while inwardly moving, Like a tethered colt, a trapped rat; The ancient sages pitied them and bestowed upon them the teaching. According to their delusions, they called black as white; When erroneous imaginations cease, the acquiescent mind realizes itself. (Tozan Ryokai – The Song of the Jewel Mirror Samadhi) A recent comment asked me […]

Kobun Chino

‘We came from Truth, we are in Truth, and we will go back to Truth. It is impossible for each of us to observe the whole Truth. Although we trust the functioning of our whole body and mind, we still have to admit to the limitation of our sense organs, of our body and mind. […]