Kobun Chino

‘We speak of “denko”, transmission of light. What kind of light? It is something which shines, sometimes externally, sometimes internally. There is brightness that you sense within your body, and bright light outside of your body…
The light that is transmitted comes out of people. I don’t see it in myself, in me, but I see it in others. This light is not always constant. Like a firefly, the light is generated inside. I don’t know what is the substance of it, but each one of us is a kind of potential way-seeker, and at the same time our everyday lives are precisely related to the support of innumerable others who sustain our individual lives. Our individual existence must be returning the same amount of energy to those others. I don’t know what this all means, how far it reaches, but it is true that each person carries a life which exchanges energy in some kind of community. Of course, if the sun didn’t exist, none of us could live, so in that sense, the sun is constantly related to you. In the same way the movement of this galaxy, stars, and planets, is keeping this earth together. It’s beyond my understanding, but I suspect the whole thing is actually one fantastic dynamic, embedded in us before we knew it.’ (Embracing Mind)

Depending on the eye with which you read this, you might find these words wonderful, illuminating, esoteric, woo-woo, or naive. They resonate for me, in any case.