Making Money

I have been in a very good mood the last week or so, and there are two likely reasons, in my mind. First of all, I completed my taxes and found I owed only half of what I had set aside for them. Also, once the showers on Monday had passed through, warm weather set in, which is always good for my psyche. The two of those things combining caused me to start thinking about perhaps buying a ‘new’ road bike rather than waiting for my old one to get rebuilt, so I started looking on Craigslist. I barely have enough money to be able to do that, but it feels important for my well-being, and at the same time, it seems I might have a couple more sources of monthly income becoming regular, so I might not be struggling just to make my rent payments every month now.

In the midst of all this, I got an email from WordPress suggesting ‘Five ways to monetize your website that you might not have thought of’, or ‘Five Different Ways to Turn Your Passion Into Profit’. The first of these was ‘Refer products you love through affiliate linking.’ I suspect this works well for more lifestyle type blogs – I would be happy to plug some of the products I do rate and care about, and for which I am happy to pay money – but somehow I don’t think I could call Dogen an affiliate, let alone monetise him. Ditto with the ‘sponsored post’ idea. And while I would be happy if anyone wanted to buy one of my photographs, I am not going to set up an online store for that.

Which leaves ads. WordPress has encouraged me more than once to upgrade my plan so I can include more targeted ads that I would make money off, supposedly. Personally I try to block ads from as many sites as I can, as I find the whole set-up pretty obnoxious. Last year I upgraded so that you wouldn’t be subjected to ads while looking at the site, and I don’t want to be bombarding anyone with more. I don’t look to this site to make a profit – it is a practice for me, and I hope it is beneficial for you. Of course if you want to contribute, there is always the Ko-fi link (hopefully just to your left as well), which many kind people have already used to support me.

IMG_0012.jpgIMG_0019.jpgI was going to write that sunshine makes more photos likely – as the iPhone does quite well in bright light – before realising that the second shot is the moon rising.


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