‘There has never yet been anyone who supposed time to be coming and going who has penetrated to see it as being-time dwelling in its dharma-position. What chance is there, then, for a time to arrive when you will break through the barrier [into total emancipation]? Even if someone did know that dwelling position, who would be able truly to give an utterance that preserved what he had thus gained?’ (Shobogenzo Uji)

I was reading this passage on BART, along with Shinshu’s illuminating commentary on it, and the meaning seemed clear to me at the time. Luckily, I made little notes for myself. I am thinking about the same issues as I approach this year’s Loving the Mountains retreat at Tassajara, where we dip gingerly into the Mountains and Waters Sutra as part of our appreciation of the mountains as we hike through them – and for that I am grateful to Shohaku’s equally illuminating commentary.

My notes, since I was writing them on my phone, read thus:
Experience both sides
Not getting caught
How to express it?

And that does kind of boil it down to its essence: we have to experience the dual facets of every moment and every experience – in this case, the sense of time coming and going and time as time-being always existing right now in its dharma position. And how can we not get caught by dwelling in one side or another? Furthermore, how can we find a way to talk about that experience? Any ideas?

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