No Complaints

I know a few priests who have trained in Japan, and every now and again you could hear them say, “Thank you very much. I have no complaints whatsoever.”

My instinctive response to that is to say, well I do. My back hurts – I didn’t get enough sleep – it’s raining too much – my mother didn’t love me enough – my boss doesn’t appreciate the work I do – this city is way too expensive nowadays – the country is run by venal idiots – the whole planet is going up in flames (to be fair, at other times the same priests would not be averse to stating their opinions on things in ways that sure sounded like complaints).

But just think what a liberating stance that can be to take: Thank you very much – whatever has just happened, whatever has been done to you, even if it feels like an injustice. I have no complaints whatsoever – really, anything I think is just a conditioned response and a temporary, unreliable opinion. Right now, everything is actually unfolding perfectly.

It won’t always feel like it will work, but I think it is worth trying.

(This post first appeared on my Patreon page)

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