Keizan Jokin

‘Do no say that “I alone am honored” is Buddha, and do not say that he either comes or goes. Who can speak of “before my parents were born,” or “prior to the empty eon”? Aiming at this place, one transcends birth and no birth, one is liberated from mind and no mind. It is like water conforming to its container, like space which rests against things. Though you grasp it, your hands are not filled; though you search for it, you cannot find a trace. This is the Wondrous Dharma of the Buddhas.’ (Transmitting the Light)

I am half-tempted to provide links to to the quotations Keizan uses above, but I trust that, if you have not heard them before, you might investigate for yourselves. Instead I will point to the lines that stick in my head – the idea of space resting against things, and the echoes of Dogen’s phrasing, as I have come across a few times in these teisho.

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