Activating Resilience

Among the conversations I have been having over recent weeks, at Tassajara, as well as at the conference, there has been a thread around what my current teaching style is, and what I want it to look like. Obviously I spend very little time wearing formal robes and doing ceremonies these days, and more time wearing clothes suitable for hiking so that I can take people around San Francisco with some mindfulness blended in.

The main factor I consider is how best to reach people so that they can have the opportunity to live a life less beset by the suffering that is endemic in the human condition. Knowing that many people will not set foot in a zen temple, what are skilful ways to make the teachings available to them? I know that five-minute recorded sessions are not a substitute for a long, deep sitting practice, but I am also guided by the vow ‘Dharma gates are boundless, I vow to enter them.’ Who knows what people will find if they start through the gate, wherever they find it?

All this as a preamble to a plug – not something I do very often here – to an online series that I have helped with. Suzaita reached out to me having listened to me on Simple Habit, and I was happy to help her realise her vision for how she wanted her own life to change, and also offer the benefits of what she has discovered for herself.

Here is how she describes the show she has been creating:

“Many of us experience self-limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, self-doubt, poor choices with what we put in our bodies and how we treat our bodies, unfulfilling relationships, and lack of spirituality. We also lack a healthy sense of self-awareness and therefore make poor lifestyle choices. This way of living cultivates unhappy, unsatisfying, and unhealthy lives. Another pain-point for many of us is that we do not get to be ourselves, and we struggle with finding greater meaning in life.

With Activate Your Resilience you will learn how to get to the other side of your biggest obstacles and pain-points. With each episode, you will get the tools you need to diminish all that negative self-talk, heal your body, experience truly fulfilling relationships, and appreciate spirituality.

Suzaita covers what she calls The 6 Pillars of Life. These include: food & nutrition + spirituality + body movement + ancient Eastern practices + modern-day Western philosophies + Mother Earth. Suzaita believes that these 6 pillars represent the ultimate holistic way of life. She further believes that integrating these 6 pillars into everyday life activates people’s resilience.

For Suzaita, resilience is the gateway to realizing our true potential as human beings. Because in activating your resilience, you raise your level of consciousness. And when you raise your level of consciousness, you start to fully awaken your consciousness. When this happens, you realize your infinite potential and then live your authentic purpose-driven life.”

So, beginning July 1st, you can join me and more than twenty other experts in their fields who are guest speakers on Suzaita’s online show called Activate Your Resilience. Perhaps this might be your dharma gate to become the best version of yourself, realise your deepest potential, and live your purpose-driven life.

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