Dale S. Wright

‘”Emptiness,” understood as the interdependence of all things, functions in meditation to provide the requisite conditions for compassionate generosity. Meditating on interdependence, we develop the realization that we share a collective destiny with others, especially those in our immediate community, but ultimately all living beings.  The more we contemplate it, the more we realize in a functional sense that we are in solidarity with others. Understanding all of the ways in which we share the same global reality provides grounds for sharing; understanding tends to make generosity possible. Contemplating this, I understand ever more profoundly that what is good for me cannot be antagonistic to the good of others.’ (The Six Perfections)

As I make my way through this book, I continue to appreciate how concisely Wright makes points that seem to encapsulate the heart of practice as I understand it these days. I expect to be leaning on some of these paragraphs in England when I teach.

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