Sunshine Days

I leave for England in two and a half weeks, and I do seem to have compacted the time down before then in my mind, so it feels quite imminent. I am trying to make sure loose ends are taken care of – not least by stockpiling posts on here for the next couple of months, with one gap a week for me to type in some progress reports (assuming I can buy a good wireless keyboard before I leave, as I have no intention of typing blog posts on my phone…), as well as buying train tickets and firming up plans with friends.

Getting material together for the teachings I will be doing over there has not been hard, although I am also making sure I have a few talking points for the beginners’ sit at Zen Center on Sunday – I don’t want to offer a full-on dharma talk then, as I find that answering people’s questions is much more vital and valuable all round.

The weather has been outstanding for the past week, with uninterrupted blue skies, warm temperatures and generally less wind than usual, which makes me glad that I get to be outside so much – with several bike rides as I also prepare to make sure my intended ride up Diablo next week is not too painful – and various walks, including a scout of the next roam. On my work days I was also getting off BART a couple of stops early to ride slowly the rest of the way, since I don’t get outside much on those days otherwise, and snapping a few pictures with my phone to try to get a sense of the strong light.

It feels like I have been living on berries for weeks – strawberries and blueberries, now raspberries and blackberries, offered at the local farmers’ market, and grapes starting to appear as well – there are stone fruit, but I am not so much of a fan of those. All in all, life feels good.

IMG_0687.jpgA tree catching the light under the freeway in West Oakland.

IMG_0699.jpgThe view north from the Park St bridge to Alameda on Wednesday morning, with Tam visible in the distance.

IMG_0745.jpgOld houseboats and new developments on Mission Creek on Thursday evening. There was no wind blowing at all – so rare here.


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