Dale S.Wright

‘Some gifts are so light and insubstantial that they can be given to others on a daily basis. One such gift is simple recognition, an affirmation in speech, gesture, or action, that someone else exists, and that they matter. Often we fail to grant this simple gift of recognition, and the more often we fail in that the more alienating our social world becomes.’ (The Six Perfections)

This is a practice I undertake whole-heartedly whenever I can. I have written on Patreon about the benefits of feeling the support of community, even as it manifests as people out on bikes offering recognition to each other. I extend this to other people out in the world, offering nods and greetings to those working on road crews, or driving buses, or considerate drivers. I feel the benefits of these connections, however insubstantial, and I trust it adds to the positivity of other people’s day as well.

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