Suzuki Roshi

‘We should be, you know, not only able to– being able to talk about– about practice, we should experience, you know– we must have full experience– better experience of our practice. And for– for someone, you know, it is necessary to have– to put confidence in your big mind which is always with you. And […]

Shido Bunen

Die while alive, Thoroughly die. Then do just as you will, and all is right.   I feel I need to add a caveat that the expression here is about the death of the limited, self-concerned ego, without which a free expression of the self is naturally skilful and beneficial, not just wantonly free in […]

Gesshin Greenwood

‘American culture is not set up in a manner that values preservation. In fact, the message our culture sends us says the opposite—that we should always purchase the new thing, the coolest or freshest thing. We are told that if our refrigerator and pantry are not completely stocked to the brim, we are not successful, […]

Moving Through The Landscape

After the changeable weather of the first week I was here, the past week has, except for one day, been gloriously warm and sunny – and when the weather is like this, I could not be happier. It lulls me into wishing that I lived here again. As always, it is the familiarity of the […]

Norman Fischer

‘Integrity literally means “wholeness.” Wholeness means everything in your life is put together as a whole – body, speech, mind and activity; relationship to yourself, to others, and to the physical world. Having integrity means you aren’t divided against yourself, blocking your energy with inner contradictions, disappointments, or defeats. When you have integrity, you may have […]

Karen Maezen Miller

‘Whatever the scenery, our practice is the same. Our practice is to face and feel everything life is, and everything it isn’t. Everything we think and feel and everything we don’t. Wall gazing is a very thorough practice in facing the fleetingness of things and not getting trapped in momentary apparitions. All apparitions, it turns […]

David Michie

‘One of the most important meditation in Buddhism is contemplating the certainty of death. When we do this regularly, it helps inform our priorities on how to live. For while material considerations are important in our daily life, we need to avoid assuming that they have any greater value than this. A helpful view of […]