Shinshu Roberts

‘Each moment is a fresh moment that we can enact to the best of our ability. Each moment is another birth of continuous practice. This is living being-time. This is the shared being-time between ourselves and all beings. Again, this is not abstract. It must be enacted while we wait in line at the supermarket […]

Tea And Biscuits Zen

The invitation from the Dancing Mountains group was to come and sit shoulder to shoulder with them, and that’s what I did over the weekend. I had a split night of sleep on Thursday (and again on Friday), and started the day with a rush hour tube train through central London. After that, things got […]

Sunday Poem

The moon outside my window Is usually the same moon, But as soon as there are plum flowers It becomes a different moon. (from Zenrin Kushu – ‘parallel seven-character phrases’ section of koan capping phrases)

Diane Eshin Rizzetto

‘Freedom from the boundaries of the self rings true joy.’ (Deep Hope) Before I went to England, I stopped in at the bookstore to pick up some incense that Djinn in Belfast had asked for. Arlene, who you will know if you have spent time at Zen Center over the years, and who is the embodiment […]

The Mind of Jet-Lag

In the days before I left for England, I was waking up so early that it felt like I was getting my jet-lag in ahead of time. On Tuesday morning, I basically woke up in the middle of the night, and realised that I still hadn’t checked in for my flight, so I did that, […]

Dale S.Wright

‘Some gifts are so light and insubstantial that they can be given to others on a daily basis. One such gift is simple recognition, an affirmation in speech, gesture, or action, that someone else exists, and that they matter. Often we fail to grant this simple gift of recognition, and the more often we fail […]

Rev angel Kyodo williams

‘Spiritual tradition is comfortable with paradox, whereas many political movements are not. But all truth is paradox. What it is to live in  space of transformative change is to engender greater and greater comfort with paradox. So that paradox becomes something that we not only acknowledge but also live more truthfully. We discover that Truth is relationship. […]

A Long, Hot, Slow Weekend

This past weekend at Wilbur was going to be a long one, even by my standards; I was determined not to be in a rush to get there, but it is always good to get out of the city early on a Friday. As I drove out past Walnut Creek, looking at Mount Diablo, I […]

Koshin Paley Ellison

‘The regrets of the sick and elderly are almost never that they weren’t busy or didn’t achieve enough. No – it’s always “Did I love well?” “Did the people I loved know how much I loved them?” This is why the crux of doing good for others is loving action, which means to reach across […]