‘Sitting on our cushions we can give birth to immeasurable buddhas, a birth which is exactly no-birth. Holding up Zen boards we can turn the pure Dharma wheel, a turning in which nothing is turned. Directly, bit by bit, we ceaselessly see the Buddha with no special marks, who is exactly true. Moment by moment, without falling into sounds and colors, we ceaselessly hear the sutra that is truly wondrous. Although it is like this, the person who can understand the gateways of light and shadow can attain it, just like at the time when guest and host have not been distinguished. How can this be carried out?

After a pause Dogen said: The nose smiling with mouth open, the eyes gaze at the North Star and Altair. Wind and clouds do not mar the dawn, and sky and water join together in autumn.’ (Extensive Record 461)

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