Joseph Hall

‘So here’s what I learned about bells.  You always have the option of being a monk, all you need to do is decide that the world is your monastery.  There are bells constantly ringing around you and it’s up to you to decide which ones you are going to align yourself with.  Each bell has something deep to teach you that is only revealed when you commit yourself to it.  The deepest teachings of Zen are hidden in a meditation bell and many of the secrets to a long life are intrinsically intertwined within a traffic light.  You just need to make it your practice to shift when they ask you to.’ (from the Pop Up Zendo blog)

Joseph and I trained at Tassajara together for a while, and I enjoyed his company. I haven’t seen him so much in recent years, but I am happy to get updates of what he is doing at Jikoji – and also very glad of all the work he and Judy Cosgrove did to get the Kobun Chino book out into the world. Along with this long meditation on bells, Joseph has created a sleek meditation timer app, which I promptly downloaded to my phone; I would encourage you to do the same, even if you have one already, as I did – and no, I am not getting any affiliate payments for this endorsement!

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