Corey Ichigen Hess

‘Release wherever you are stuck, anywhere you feel tense. Even if it makes no sense to you. Even if it feels like you are exploding. Even if you are not standing or sitting right. Even if your posture gets goofy at times. Gradually your body will work on auto-pilot to sort this energy out. Have faith in this process!
Deeper states of mind will happen as a matter of course. Often people think getting into samadhi is difficult. But conversely, they think being in samadhi is easy, and it can be, but it also can be a razor sharp process. Give it all you’ve got! Slowly ripen from there. It is such a sublime process. Please keep going.
Go straight. Walk it honestly. Make a choice to realize it at all costs. Be still in this internal alchemy process, don’t look away. Keep going even if you can’t see anything around you, even if you don’t know what is up or down. You may feel like a wild animal about to explode.* You may feel like an electric cord forced to be a conduit for more and more electricity. Or feel completely transparent, completely vulnerable, naked. You may find yourself alone in a space you cannot fathom, but you’ll have a connection to this light there to guide you. More and more open, more and more transparent. Keep going until one day this process fundamentally resolves, and then your life will be permanently transformed. Give yourself to it. Don’t force it, but put it all out there!’ (from Zen Embodiment)

The footnote for the asterisk reminds us that this kind of practice is best undertaken with a teacher. I came across the blog a while ago, and it has resonated with me. Corey did his training in Japan, and now focuses mostly on energy work, neither of which is exactly my experience, but it feels entirely true, and always interesting to read.

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