Shinshu Roberts

‘We might observe that the stages of so-called sequential time are not actually available to us. Time’s past and future are only a concept we have of the past or future of this moment. What is available to us is our direct experience of now. This “now” includes remembrance of the past and projections into the future. This now being-time is all being-time (universal) and all beings’ time (particular) arising and changing simultaneously at the intersection of this moment. For the most part, this too is not accessible as it is not apparent to us – it is hidden, and because it is hidden it is not conceptualized. As soon as we conceptualize our experience, that idea is just another moment. To go beyond the hidden and the revealed is to respond to passage as passage. This is penetrating the totality of each moment with our effort in response to that moment as it is, not as we would like it to be.
Our actual experience of passage is nonconceptual, since to fix it as a concrete moment is to think about what has happened and give it a name. Immediate experience is to be simply immersed in what is.’ (Being-Time)

So that’s clear then. Sometimes it does seem perfectly clear, and sometimes I don’t know how I would explain it. Nevertheless, neither of these states hinders the passage of this present moment – both the moment I am writing this and the moment you are reading this…

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