Suzuki Roshi

‘To the– when we stand [at a] crossing point or fork [in the] road, which way to take? Here is our bodhisattva-mind, you know. Which is better? Which should we go? This “I” is not possible to explain, but anyway, we are always at the crossing or at the fork [in the] road, and we don’t know what to do. As long as we have our true nature, when we are conscientious enough, we don’t– we sometime wonder which way to take. That is bodhisattva’s way. If we don’t mind good or bad we will take, you know, either way. But for us it is rather difficult [laughs] to choose one of the two. When it is difficult, there is true nature. Because of the true nature– true nature makes us difficult to choose, you know. Here we have bodhisattva-mind. When we have difficulty in, you know, in ethical sense there is bodhisattva-mind. When you say, “I am no good,” there is bodhisattva-mind. But we cannot explain why we have this kind of mind. It is impossible to explain why.’ (from the Suzuki Roshi archive)

I was listening to this the other day. It is from the summer of 1965, and one of the very first talks of his to have been recorded. At times here, and in other talks in that time span, it sounds like an intimate group of young people enjoying themselves as they figure out what it is all about.

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