Kate Murphy

‘But what is love if not a willingness to listen to and be a part of another person’s evolving story? A lack of listening is a primary contributor to feelings of loneliness…

Of course, technology doesn’t help. Devices are a constant distraction, and people tend to be woefully inaccurate at interpreting feeling states through text and emoji.’ (from a New York Times article)

This is not the same New York Times article that I quoted from before; this one is a call to pay attention to those closest to you. It reminds me of a couple at Tassajara, who came to do practice period having just separated after many years together, and expressing how they had been able to learn new things about each other through practising together in this way. I have always found that inspiring. And I find this chiming with the words and premises of Jenny Odell, that I shall continue to highlight as I read through her book.

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