Shinshu Roberts

‘Zazen is more… than just the formal activity of sitting in meditation; it is also the embodiment of our interconnection. This is zazen as our daily life, of being in the world of harmony and discord. Don’t we all know the annoyance of someone else’s unskillful driving and the joy of another’s compassion toward our own mistakes? Zazen, whether on the cushion or out in the world, is not a passive activity. Zazen is the give and take of life’s intimacy, which can often take a lot of effort on our part. How can I practice patience right now when I am so angry? Can I face my fear and frustration? Is it possible to listen to someone with whom I wholeheartedly disagree and yet empathize with their difficulties? How do we find common ground when we do not share a similar worldview? All of these questions are the spark and fire of our bodhisattva vow.’ (from Lion’s Roar)

3 thoughts on “Shinshu Roberts

  1. Dear Shundo.

    Greetings to you.

    Sadly, regretfully, I just cancelled my trip to SF. While I am a US citizen and can still enter the country after yesterday’s announcement, the risk of quarantine and/or being stranded on the return to Europe is simply too great.

    Please lets continue our correspondence and try to regroup later in the year.

    All best

    Mark Young



    1. Hi Mark, Thanks for letting me know. I heard that news, and realised it would be hard for you to travel. It looks like I might not make it to the UK next week either, the way things are going.


  2. Dear Shundo,

    Just to be sure that you received this…. I gather you are at home as well?

    Please keep in touch

    Mark Young



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