Katagiri Roshi

‘You can change the structure of time and space. How? You have to manifest time and space that you don’t know within time and space that you do know. This is not only Zen practice – this is practice for everyone. Whatever you do, your body and mind must be flexible. Usually we attach to our own territory of five skandhas, six senses, customs, habits and memories. We trust the moment we see through our six senses, and we don’t trust the unknown sixty-five moments within one moment. But are you sure of your existence, stably and steadfastly? I don’t think so. Your own territory is very shaky. To be sure of your existence with confidence, you have to see yourself doing something in the universe with all myriad beings, not in your individual territory. That is difficult, but you have to do it. You have to realize that point in a practical way.’ (Each Moment is the Universe)

What does that practical way look like to you at this moment?

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