Suzuki Roshi

‘Before translating original text, I want to make sure the understanding of– our traditional way of understanding of teaching or our understanding of practice. As being goes on and on from formed to forming, our teaching develops on and on. It– it is new expression of old teaching in one way, and– but on the other hand it is returning to the old teaching. Actually it is the same thing. To– from Buddha to us and to– from us to Buddha, it is same thing. It is same understanding, but when we bow to him it means teaching comes from Buddha. But the teaching comes from Buddha to us means actually your experience– new experience of Buddha– return to Buddha. So it is same thing, but the understanding is different. When we say something about our teaching, there is no other way to say teaching comes from Buddha, or our teaching should go back to Buddha. That is our effort of developing Buddhism. We should not be just confined in the realm of Buddha’s teaching. Always new expression is necessary, but new experience is actually going back to Buddha.’ (from the Suzuki Roshi archives)

It’s always interesting to see how Suzuki Roshi introduces Dogen to his students who probably didn’t know what was about to hit them.

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