Dana Velden

‘Paying attention to posture is a way to focus our awareness and to practice presence. Posture is an indication of who we are in a particular moment, what we are feeling, and how we are coping. When we are droopy or hunched over, it’s an indication that perhaps we need to rest or stretch… When we are upright and supported, we can carry on with the task at hand, offering it our energy and ability, simultaneously holding and being held by our efforts.
Our posture is echoed in our thoughts. There is a posture of the mind as well as the body, a basic open and aware stance that we can cultivate in order to encourage a more balanced and receptive mind. When we are upright in all aspects of our lives, we create a core stability from which we can draw, like a deer drinking deeply from a pond in the middle of a forest.’ (Finding Yourself In The Kitchen)

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