‘Anyone who can access the deep layers of mind during zazen is a good practitioner.  As many others have pointed out earlier, however, to be a good teacher and, more importantly,  to be a kind and wise human being, one needs much more than an ability to access even the “source,” the original perfection. Buddha did not just talk about zazen (concentration on the cushion and resulting insight into the nature of reality), he laid an eightfold path that includes “right” ways to inhabit the condensed forms: right speech, action, effort and attitude. Being a good expounder of any technique isn’t enough. Living by vows and paramitas, and actualizing kindness should be a paramount part of the Zen path. The experience of non-duality (emptiness) doesn’t naturally imply that a Zen practitioner has cultivated a genuine respect for duality (form).’ (from the Boundless in Motion blog)

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