angel Kyodo williams

‘To do our work, to come into deep knowing of who we are — that’s the stuff that bringing down systems of oppression is made of. And so capitalism in its current form couldn’t survive. Patriarchy couldn’t survive. White supremacy couldn’t survive if enough of us set about the work of reclaiming the human spirit, which includes reclaiming the sense of humanity of the people that are the current vehicles for those very forms of oppression.
Ms. Tippett: Right. That’s such a huge statement.
Rev. williams:It’s hard. [laughs] People always look at me in this slightly hopeful and furtive way.
Ms. Tippett:Right. So let’s talk about that for an hour. [laughs]’ (from On Being)

And let’s keep working on it for this lifetime at least. It’s a great moment to push forward in this direction.

(This was one of the posts I had lined up for the time I would have been in England in March, and sidelined while I looked for other material that spoke more closely to the feelings as we went into lockdown. I had already scheduled it before the current round of oppression and resistance seized the moment. Powerful truths always need to be expressed, and skilful means is a way to make sure that the message is timely to be fully received).

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