Larry Ward

‘And it is very important here to understand the point of anger in Buddhism. Anger is a normal, perfect human experience that you may and I may be having in daily life, but especially at this moment. The point of this is not to lose ourselves. Not to lose our sense of oneness with ourselves, not to lose our sense of loving ourselves, not to lose ourselves in fragmentation. And it could be anger, it could be fear, it could be numbness, but the point of practice is not to lose ourselves. We don’t push away suffering. Feel every ounce of suffering through your whole body, but we don’t drown in it either. And that’s the great practice of my life.’ (quoted in Lion’s Roar)

As events around us move lurch forward in ways that seem extraordinary, it is important to keep sight of how practice can help, and that it is essential to keep practising – it is not a self-indulgent thing to do.

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