Nyogen Senzaki

‘Perseverance is another name for Buddhist life.’ (Eloquent Silence) I had this one lined up as a pithy one-oner when I came across this the other day: ‘Labor improbus (Latin) – steady work, as in the phrase “Labor omnia vicit improbus” from Virgil’s Georgics, meaning “Steady work overcame all things.”‘ Which just goes to show that […]


‘King Wen asked Minister Tai, “You made an effort to recommend wise people, but as yet there is no result. The world is even more disturbed. What is the cause of this crisis?” The minister answered, “If you hire wise ones and do not use them, it is hiring in name only and the fruit […]

The Fire of No-Self

‘Once, while Lingyou was acting as attendant to Baizhang… Baizhang said to him, “Stick a poker in the fire and see if there is any fire left in it.” Lingyou did so and said, “There’s no fire left.” Baizhang then took the poker himself and, sticking it deep into the stove, pulled out some hot […]

Frank Ostaseski

‘We habitually string ourselves together with various shiny ornamentations to shape a positive self-image, sometimes inflating our capacities or importance. Conversely, we may add fuel to the fire of a negative self-concept and exaggerate flaws and weaknesses. We know intrinsically that this construction we carry around and project to the world is not substantial or […]

angel Kyodo williams

‘Mindfulness… expresses our sincere appreciation for the gift of life. Mindfulness transports us into the single, present moment and then into the next and the next. Without space to fret about the past or ponder the future, we end up experiencing the present moment in its complete fullness. If you ever wondered where to find […]

Kobun Chino

‘My feeling is that each breath is an independent thing. It arises and goes and some thoughts go with it. You cannot bring them back. That’s it. It’s the same as your heartbeat—your whole body is needing it. So if you can forget the breath then you are having perfect breath. I suggest that you […]