Suzuki Roshi

‘Anyway we should listen to the birds singing; listen to the insects singing; if you are aware of your exhaling and inhaling (where the inhaling come from, where your exhaling goes) if you feel the heart beat one after another, then you will understand what is going on in this world actually.’ (from the Suzuki Roshi […]

Dale S. Wright

‘When we act with kindness, we do something incremental to our character – we shape ourselves slightly further into a person who understands how to act with kindness, is inclined to do so, and does so with increasing ease. We etch that way of behaving just a little more firmly into our character, into who […]

Shinshu Roberts

‘Our actualized inclusive response is not obstructed by our self-centered views; this is realization. When we respond in an inclusive way, our realized self is in charge of our actions. This realized self does not need to banish delusion. In fact, our wisdom is a result of the problems created by delusion.’ (Being-Time) In my note-taking […]

Toni Packer

‘For marvelous unknown reasons, once in a while we are completely here. For a moment we hear, see and feel all one. Then the mind comes in to explain it, know it, compare it and store it. This is not an intentional process—it’s habit. No one is doing it. The naming, liking and disliking, wanting […]

Katagiri Roshi

‘When you touch your real self, you experience deep communication between you and the object of your practice, whatever it is. Then you can accept something totally and deal with it straightforwardly without creating any gap. So keep your mouth shut, calm your mind, and just be present in the continuous stream of life energy. […]

Les Murray

Everything except language knows the meaning of existence. Trees, planets, rivers, time know nothing else. They express it moment by moment as the universe. Even this fool of a body lives it in part, and would have full dignity within it but for the ignorant freedom of my talking mind.   I saw a reference […]

Nothing on my Mind

During the winter at Tassajara, if you are very motivated, you can just about manage six and a half hours of sleep on a regular night. Six is more common. It took me until my second winter there to get used to this amount of sleep – along with the cold and the limited amount […]