‘Transformation tends to happen when we stop or something stops us — a tragedy, a difficulty — and we reassess and realize that the way we are going about life must be redefined. Sometimes we will need to redefine our whole identity. This does not just happen to spiritually advanced beings — this is human […]

Reb Anderson

‘As we continue on the path, we will awaken to the reality that our entire life and practice is not something that we do alone. We understand that our practice is a gift to us from all beings and a gift that we give to all beings. This is the ultimate truth of our life. […]

A Pyramid of Ideas

This is one of those posts I feel a little uneasy about writing and publishing. I have a few drafts on similar themes that I have not followed through to the end. And I think this one will be a little unfinished. I mainly wanted to pull a few things together to provoke some thoughts: […]

Kate Murphy

‘We are, each of us, the sum of what we attend to in life.’ (from a New York Times article) Sometimes one line is enough, though the whole article – and no doubt her book – are well worth reading and contemplating. I know that this practice has enabled me to listen better, with more focus […]

Larry Yang

‘Truly we don’t own land. We don’t work land. We don’t use land, and we don’t even exploit land. We are land. We are the same elements of which the earth is composed. We do not move and walk on the earth: we are earth that moves and walks with the whole – regardless of the extent of our […]

Dale S. Wright

‘The “self” of subjectivity is profoundly elusive, however. Whenever each of us says the word “I,” we know exactly what we mean. But as soon as we attempt seriously to consider what it is that this word names, we are at a loss. Subjectivity is at once the most obvious and the most invisible phenomenon, […]