Diane Eshin Rizzetto

‘It’s no surprise that what we put into our bodies reflects what’s in our heads… The real practice comes in how we handle body or mind states we’re not satisfied with – that don’t meet the requirements we have come to rely on in order to avoid more core beliefs about who we think we […]

Shohaku Okumura

‘I see the process of ordinary education as being like piling up blocks to make a building of knowledge. When that building is completed it becomes our prison. It’s difficult to get out. If one is a lawyer, a doctor, or any professional – in my case a Buddhist priest – we accumulate knowledge necessary […]

Brother Phap Hai

‘Recently, a practitioner asked me about the benefits of meditation. I knew that she was hoping I would talk about dazzling lights, profound insights, or psychic powers. Perhaps to her disappointment, I shared with her my growing sense of appreciation for the ordinary moments of my life—a cup of tea in the morning, warm sunshine, […]


Search the three periods The mind isn’t there If the mind isn’t there False conditions aren’t there If false conditions aren’t there This then is bodhi Samsara and Nirvana Are basically equal. Refering to the same notions as Fu Hsi.

The Illusory Body Is The Dharma Body

Camus’ La Peste was part of my French syllabus at high school; as such it had a pretty strong influence on my teenage thinking, and thus a lingering effect on how I see the world. It is interesting to see it quoted so often in the press now. One recent reference that stuck with me […]

Dale S. Wright

‘The meditative cultivation of mindfulness opens us to see situations in a way that is attentive to the sensitivities and needs of everyone involved. It instills a perceptual capacity that most people lack, the ability to perceive nuances in everyday life that signify something important but that typically elude our attention. In this sense, meditation […]

Jane Hirshfield

‘Meditation and poetry writing both require dropping out of the conventional chatter of the more superficial dialogue we’re always having in our brains with the world and with our ego. Both practices depend on diving deeper, into a different layer which is less busy and a great deal more receptive. Receptive to what exactly? A […]