‘I should dispel the suffering of others because it is suffering like my own suffering. I should help others too because of their nature as beings, which is like my own being.’ (Shantideva) I had a whole month’s worth of posts lined up to cover the time I was due to be in England. Now I […]

Norman Fischer

‘Each of the six perfections is suffused with the perfection of understanding, which sees the truth of the empty nature of all things. Naturally our discussion of simple ethical conduct would end with mystery and emptiness. Just as there is in reality no giver, no gift, and no recipient, so also there is no hurting, […]

Lama Willa Miller

‘The Buddha emphasized that if there is something that can absolutely be counted on, it is that nothing can be counted on. Life has always been so. But I forget, most every moment of every day. Lulled by the predictability of my days, I believe that tomorrow will be just like today. Today just like […]


Study the way as if boring wood to make fire. Seeing the smoke you should not stop. Immediately the golden star appears. Within this world is the primary destination.   Dogen’s response to Longya.

A Month Of Sundays

‘Not knowing is most intimate’ – Dizang. And so we continue, not knowing how exactly it is going to unfold.* Since the weather has been nice, fittingly for the beginning of spring, with white cumulus clouds in a warm blue sky that reminds me of good spring days in England, I have gone out on […]

Diane Eshin Rizzetto

‘Intelligent practice remembers that the value of practicing with the precepts lies not in how it measures our distance along the idealized path to enlightenment but rather how it helps us live in the everyday circumstances of our life. In the real life most of us live, we yell at our kids, we shout back […]

So How Is It Now?

‘If wisdom is the insight that nothing has a fixed nature and that all things are in process, that would suggest cultivating just enough detachment from things, ideas, and people to accept that they would all change and finally pass away. Wisdom meant letting go to some extent, releasing one’s grip on what would inevitably […]