Tara Brach

‘There is something wonderfully bold and liberating about saying yes to our entire imperfect and messy life. With even a glimmer of that possibility, joy rushes in.’ (Radical Acceptance) This feels like one of those statements that someone might scratch their head and wonder how it could possibly happen, and an experience practitioner will nod their […]

Koun Ejo

‘To inhale or to exhale, to listen or to touch, being without thoughts and discrimination is nothing other than the tranquil illumination of the Light in which body and mind are one.  Therefore, when someone calls, you answer.  This is the Light in which ordinary people and sages, the deluded and the enlightened, are one’ […]

Kodo Sawaki

‘This here and now cannot be imitated. So create the present from your true self, the one which pours out unceasingly, free and unhindered, without thoughts, without mind – hishiryo. However, through illusion and discrimination, some people imitate last year, and the years before, and run their life with old calendars.’ I do like this […]

Sekkei Harada

‘All human problems, as well as the problems of the universe, come from ways of thinking based on the assumption of the existence of a person or a self. Not understanding something, as well as wondering what will happen in the future, are also ways of thinking predicated upon the existence of a person or […]

angel Kyodo williams

‘Well, I think it’s actually uncomfortable un-knowing ourselves. [laughs] It is this willingness to keep being willing to come undone — to do what we can to understand the world around us and how we operate and what is impacting who we are and how we are, and to allow that to keep coming undone. […]

Kenneth Folk

‘For some people, the enhanced focus and creativity that often comes from training the mind through meditation might translate into Getting Shit Done. For others, greater intimacy with their bodies and the inner workings of their minds might result in Getting Less Shit Done as they reconsider what is most important in their lives… Using […]

The Dharma Seat

I am grateful for all the teaching opportunities I have right now – and also for the fact that many of them are paid opportunities. I am not struggling  for money in the way I have been for just about all the time since I left Zen Center. And I am aware that nothing is […]

Kobun Chino

‘We experience some kind of dying in sitting, which relates with what’s true and what’s not true. What’s not true dies, so we suffer. We wish to hang on to the self which we believe exists. The contents of what “I” means, or the pieces of the idea of the self are consistent, but when […]

Chenxing Han

Here are some shifts I’d like to see in the future of American Buddhism: From hubris to humility: fixating less on expertise and celebrity and focusing more on an honest acknowledgement of our blind spots in order to examine the ways we (intentionally or otherwise) harm others through our actions, speech, and thoughts. From assumptions […]