‘On the best of paths there are no impure dharmas to avoid, not are there any pure dharmas to seek. There are no beings to liberate, nor is there any nirvana to realize. There are no thoughts about liberating beings, nor are there thoughts about not liberating beings. This is the best of paths.’ (Commentary […]

Coming Home

So today marks the twenty-year anniversary of my arrival in San Francisco. I packed up my mostly happy life in London (see here), and flew in with two bags, and a bicycle in a box. I was in love, and happy to be starting a new phase of life – which also included living at […]

Katagiri Roshi

‘The Avatamsaka Sutra explains that truth does not exist by itself, separate from phenomena, and phenomena do not exist separate from the truth. Truth and phenomena work together as one. If so, we have to think carefully and look deeply at the reality we live in. As a practical matter, we have to deal with a […]


A monk asked, “What about it when all the bones are pulverized and there is one everlasting spirit?” The master said, “It’s windy again this morning.” (The Recorded Sayings of Zen Master Joshu) To my mind, you can read the answer in two ways – and they are not mutually exclusive. The first would be […]

Soko Morinaga

‘The word samadhi carries within itself two absolutely contrary meanings: “perfect reception” and “perfect non-reception.” In order to “perfectly receive” each instant as it occurs, it is necessary to “perfectly not-receive” the previous instant and the future instant. No matter how accurately and in what detail a mirror may reflect what is before it in one […]

Angie Boissevain

‘Zazen practice brings us back to our only-ness, our aloneness, our oneness. It helps us face the lies and the sometimes difficult truth of how our life is going.  Even when we discover mistakes and lies we’ve been hiding from our self, in the end there’s a tremendous freshness and a great relief to be […]

In The Thick Of It

Being able to offer the teachings in various venues is one of the main comforts of lockdown life for me; the other principles ones were also in plentiful supply over the past last week, namely warm, sunny weather and being able to get out on my bike. I think I worked the bike metaphor hard […]