Katagiri Roshi

‘Buddha put emphasis on being considerate to others before anything else. Why? Others are entirely identical with oneself. Oneself is entirely identical with others. You must be considerate to all sentient beings as if all sentient beings were within yourself. Do not kill all beings by judging others’ feelings by your own. If all sentient […]

Samantabhadra’s Ten Vows

To venerate all buddhas To praise all tathagatas To make offerings to all as Buddha To confess misdeeds of the past To rejoice in the happiness of others To request that buddhas dwell in this world To request dharma teaching To study the dharma in order to teach To live for the benefit of others […]

Expounding the Dharma

‘To expound the dharma with this body is foremost. The virtue returns to the ocean of reality. It is unfathomable; we just accept it with respect and gratitude.’ (Dogen’s Commentary on the Tenth Grave Precept) The weather has turned warmer again in the Bay Area, which always gladdens my heart. For a few days, it looked […]

Now Hear The Shuso

The first of the season’s shuso ceremonies took place at City Center last Saturday afternoon. Allison was up on the seat, answering questions, being honestly herself, and being asked by the former shusos, in their congratulatory statements, to take in how much she was loved by everybody. As always, it was nice to put on my […]

The Friends We Lose

On the way to Jikoji last Sunday, with Tova and Rosalie, I heard that Jana had died. It is natural that within any extended community, there will be loss. Just thinking this, names come to mind of residents who have died since I first went to Zen Center: Hal Papps, Idilio Ceniceros, Jerome Petersen, Lou […]

The Ocean Of Dharma Is Profound

Last week I found I was dreaming about wide open spaces, no doubt a trace of the hours spent under the wide open skies on the headlands of Sagres, and around Chichester Harbour. The last days of my trip felt like a welcome time of stepping aside – both from my regular life and from […]

Leaving Home, Attaining the Way

‘Good disciple of Buddha, the source of mind is still; the ocean of Dharma is profound. Those who realize this are liberated immediately. Traveling the path of Buddha, one must be in the state of renunciation. This is not for renunciation itself, but for the sake of realizing the Way. This form is common to […]