Which Way To Turn

If anyone is interested or curious, I tend to write a whole bunch of blog posts at a time, on mornings when I don’t have anything else scheduled. These often feel like precious mornings, not just because I don’t have to rush anywhere, but because they allow me to enter a mood of study and […]

Gesshin Greenwood

‘Whenever I see a monk or nun in robes, I feel encouraged. It reminds me that there’s another way of living. It makes me believe for a brief second that there is a possibility of freedom from my own obsessiveness and clinging. This encouragement comes just by looking at the clothes – it doesn’t have […]

The Emptiness of Emptiness

‘According with sameness is still not enlightenment.’ (Sandokai – Sekito Kisen) ‘The Buddha… urges Subhuti to look beyond “no perceptions,” lest “no perceptions” become a substitute for his earlier attachment to emptiness. He tells Subhuti to practice the perfection of wisdom, to practice the perfection of forbearance, to practice the perfection of charity. For only in […]

Sitting under the olive tree

This Monday lunchtime, Zachary and I will be sitting on the Embarcadero, as we try to do every week. I will be coming by bike and taking the cushions away on a trailer borrowed from the Bicycle Coalition, as I have done a few times. Looking back, I noticed that this week marks the one-year […]

Losing Another Friend

While I was at Tassajara, news came through of Jordan’s decline. He had been battling cancer for a while, and had given a number of dharma talks on the subject. Recently, he had been given the all-clear, as he discussed in his most recent talk. And then it came back with a vengeance – he […]

Katagiri Roshi

‘Buddha put emphasis on being considerate to others before anything else. Why? Others are entirely identical with oneself. Oneself is entirely identical with others. You must be considerate to all sentient beings as if all sentient beings were within yourself. Do not kill all beings by judging others’ feelings by your own. If all sentient […]

Samantabhadra’s Ten Vows

To venerate all buddhas To praise all tathagatas To make offerings to all as Buddha To confess misdeeds of the past To rejoice in the happiness of others To request that buddhas dwell in this world To request dharma teaching To study the dharma in order to teach To live for the benefit of others […]