Diane Eshin Rizzetto

‘Wholehearted effort is about fully engaged living. It encourages us to question our beliefs about what we think our life should be and to turn our effort towards full presence of how it is. But even though this is simple, it’s not always so easy. For one thing, being fully present means being fully present to everything, and that […]

Kobun Chino

‘Sitting is always pointless, you know. When we touch sitting with this body, it feels like putting a thumb on paper: “This is it!” Touching time/space, or creating matter in time/space. That’s how I feel when I sit. The more sitting becomes still, almost stopping, the more it feels like time stops and there is […]

Shinshu Roberts

‘If we understand our practice as attaining the absolute, we may encounter the problem of thinking our everyday life is of no consequence. We might believe that our effort is to transcend daily life and enter a rarefied and imagined spiritual state. It is imperative that we understand our everyday life as being-time’s complete expression. […]

Toni Packer

‘It is the stillness of not being identified with me—the endless stories of the past and the various images that have represented me to myself and others. Identification with me is a living prison. In it we constantly want to be accepted, feel important, be listened to, be encouraged, supported and comforted in this separate […]


‘It is simply a matter of being alive to meet the situation: sometimes you take away the person but not the world; some­times you take away the world but not the person; and some­times both are taken away; and sometimes neither is taken away – transcending convention and sect, completely clear and free, how could […]


‘Sitting on our cushions we can give birth to immeasurable buddhas, a birth which is exactly no-birth. Holding up Zen boards we can turn the pure Dharma wheel, a turning in which nothing is turned. Directly, bit by bit, we ceaselessly see the Buddha with no special marks, who is exactly true. Moment by moment, […]

Norman Fischer

‘The body is already awakened. The body knows precisely how to live the truth of impermanence/permanence. It knows how to change moment by moment, it understands perfectly how things arise and pass away simultaneously, and it is fully capable of dying and mixing with other elements to continue its cosmic journey forever.’ (The World Could Be […]