Gudo Nishijima

‘The true meaning of emptiness in Buddhism has been misunderstood for so many years as nothingness, or void. But if we have understood that Buddhism is a realistic philosophy, it is impossible for us to understand emptiness like that. In Buddhism emptiness is just “as it is.” A cup is a cup. A cup never […]


‘On the best of paths there are no impure dharmas to avoid, not are there any pure dharmas to seek. There are no beings to liberate, nor is there any nirvana to realize. There are no thoughts about liberating beings, nor are there thoughts about not liberating beings. This is the best of paths.’ (Commentary […]

Jenny Odell

‘Practices of attention and curiosity are inherently open-ended, oriented toward something outside of ourselves. Through attention and curiosity, we can suspend our tendency toward instrumental understanding – seeing things or people one-dimensionally as the products of their functions – and instead sit with the unfathomable fact of their existence, which opens up toward us but […]

Norman Fischer

‘Consciousness is inherently tragic because its operation involves basic separation: to be conscious of something, I have to be separate from it. To hear a bird, I have to be a distance away from it. To see the sky, I have to be other than the sky. So consciousness is alienation, and alienation brings with […]

Dale S. Wright

‘The perfection of tolerance is the meditative discipline of working with everything that assaults us, discomforts us, and forces suffering on us. Holding the mind steady, we learn to examine the pain, seeking to locate dimensions of our character that are not so severely affected by apparent crisis and from which we can respond with […]


‘Anyone who can access the deep layers of mind during zazen is a good practitioner.  As many others have pointed out earlier, however, to be a good teacher and, more importantly,  to be a kind and wise human being, one needs much more than an ability to access even the “source,” the original perfection. Buddha […]

Katagiri Roshi

‘The Avatamsaka Sutra explains that truth does not exist by itself, separate from phenomena, and phenomena do not exist separate from the truth. Truth and phenomena work together as one. If so, we have to think carefully and look deeply at the reality we live in. As a practical matter, we have to deal with a […]