Takuan Soho

‘If you do not train in technique but fill your breast with principle, your body and your hands will not function.’ (Fudochishinmyoroku – Mysterious Record of Immovable Wisdom)

Sharon Salzberg

‘Real love comes with a powerful recognition that we are fully alive and whole, despite our wounds or our fears or our loneliness. It is a state where we allow ourselves to be seen clearly by ourselves and by others, and in turn, we offer clear seeing to the world around us.’ (Real Love)

Soko Morinaga

‘The truly still mind, with which you were born, is the mind that moves freely. Without ignoring anything, it reacts wholeheartedly to everything it encounters, to everything on which it reflects. And yet, for all that, it is the mind that is never seized by anything, but is always ready to react on the spot […]

Vanessa Smith Bennett

‘If we can allow ourselves the space and acceptance to be multifaceted, we will experience life to its fullest. Being human means facing suffering. There is no light without dark, no joy without sadness. If we don’t experience all feelings, we have no basis for comparison. If we run from certain emotions by staying busy, […]

Joseph Hall

‘So here’s what I learned about bells.  You always have the option of being a monk, all you need to do is decide that the world is your monastery.  There are bells constantly ringing around you and it’s up to you to decide which ones you are going to align yourself with.  Each bell has […]


‘If the mind dwells in nirvana, this is not the abode of bodhisattvas. Not dwelling in nirvana, not dwelling on phenomena, not dwelling anywhere at all  – this is the abode of bodhisattvas.’ (Commentary on the Diamond Sutra)


‘Even if you say that mind and objects are not two, this is not a discussion of reality. If you say that nothing changes [or that everything changes], this is not truth. If you say that words cannot be uttered or that the principle cannot be revealed, this still does not penetrate reality. If you […]