Corporate Meditation

The Benefits of a Meditation Practice

A meditation practice can transform your way of thinking and understanding, and help you to widen your perspectives. It enables you to respond rather than simply react, and allows you to find a flexibility and resilience in yourself that you may not have known how to access. Neuro-scientific research is beginning to quantify how this works, but those who meditate experience it for themselves: training in being present and cultivating attention creates a deeper sense of well-being; greater concentration and focus; better understanding of yourself and others; and a way to meet each moment with curiosity rather than fear or anxiety, so that you can find the gift in any situation.

Most people understand that meditation can bring benefits, but many will not take the path unless it is presented to them. This can be done either in an introductory workshop or with regular sessions. Done regularly, participants can develop a more thorough grounding in the techniques, have the chance to develop a meditation habit, and have the questions that inevitably arise be met and answered by someone with years of experience and insight.

I bring fifteen years of residential zen training to my work, including five years of monastic living and many weeks of retreat. I was ordained as a priest in 2009, have been leading dharma groups for ten years, and have been instructing people in meditation since 2003.

Knowing that most people are never going to set foot in a zen temple, I offer meditation and mindfulness to people in the business and tech world, where I have led sessions for groups at thirty different companies, as well as schools, colleges, retreat centers, and the county jail. I am grounded in a firm belief that practicing these ancient ways will change how you relate to yourself and the world around you.


What Will This Look Like For My Team?

An introductory forty-five or sixty-minute session will allow your team to be given basic instruction in meditation, and to ask questions.

A regularly scheduled meditation session will allow your team to develop an ongoing practice as part of their working day, deepen their understanding, and really begin to see the effects on themselves and their colleagues:

– a deeper sense of well-being.
– a healthier relationship to stress and anxiety.
– a positive change in mental habits.
– improved concentration and focus.
– enhanced connections with others.

These can be fifteen, twenty, or thirty minutes long. You don’t always need a lot of time to feel the effects.

How Can I Find Out More?

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