The Language of Power

I have been able to listen to a lot of dharma talks recently, in addition to my usual amount of reading, and that has been helpful as I work on my material for talks I will give while I am in England. One of these was given by Liên, who I have known since we […]


‘Deshan said to the monks, “As soon as you ask, you have erred. If you don’t ask, you’re also wrong.” A monk came forward and bowed. Deshan struck him. The monk said, “I just bowed. Why did you hit me?” Deshan said, “What use would it be to wait until you opened your mouth?”‘ (Zen’s Chinese […]

Norman Fischer

‘There is a big difference between regret for having done a harmful action and jumping to the conclusion that we are inherently bad people doomed to do bad things. It is a deeply held Buddhist perspective that there is no such thing as a fixed person, let alone an inherently bad or inadequate person. There […]

Kobun Chino

‘Where does breathing originate, what is the beginning and end of each in-breath, out-breath? Who, or what, is breathing? And in the breath are two other elements, the bodily element and the mind element. When you pick up the mind quality of your being, things are much more complicated because of the depth of the […]

Katagiri Roshi

‘Consciousness exists only within your living activity. So if you want to understand your human consciousness, you have to do something. That is Zen practice. You practice letting your body and mind go deeper and deeper, back down the twelve links of causation, just passing them by one by one, until finally, at the bottom […]

angel Kyodo williams

‘Beings are numberless. With practice I promise to notice them and see that there is no separation between us. In this way, I contribute to saving them all. Desires are ceaseless. With practice, I promise to become aware of them, notice them, and allow them to fall away. In this way, I let them pass […]


The boundless spring on the hundred plants; Picking up what comes to hand, using it knowingly. The sixteen-foot golden body, a collection of virtuous qualities Casually leading one by the hand into the red dust; Able to be a master in the dusts, From outside creation a guest shows up. Everywhere life is sufficient in […]