Suzuki Roshi

‘“Emptiness is form” is rather difficult to understand.  The empti­ness which is the absolute goal we will attain, which is enlightenment itself, is form.  So whatever you do is enlightenment itself.  This is rather difficult to understand, or to accept, because you think emptiness is some unusual thing.  Something unusual is something very common.  This […]

Meadowsweet Tea and Cob Nuts

My last teaching stop for this trip was Hebden Bridge, which I always look forward to. For once it wasn’t raining in Manchester when I passed through, walking from station to station, but I was half-way to Rebecca’s house from the train when it set in. We had divided the weekend into three parts, as […]


Life is fleeting as dew as lightning How can I vainly deceive myself seeking personal gain? Taking things as they come I respond accordingly Eating my fill and viewing the green mountains.

Kobun Chino

‘Whoever sits, that person’s mind embraces the whole situation, centered by that person. So each person has full responsibility and full understanding by themselves for what sitting means to them. The teaching is within that person. Each person’s sitting includes how they live, how they think things, where they came from. Nothing is missed, nothing […]

Northerly Winds

The weather continued wet and rather stormy as I traveled onwards, and was only broken on Wednesday when a cold north wind blew everything out for a while, though it seems rain will accompany my last days in England as well. On Saturday I had a lovely visit with the Wimbledon group; the numbers were […]


‘If you do not comprehend the middle way, but see and hear and think and ponder, fixated on the externals of the doctrine, talking about the conduct of the Buddha without applying it in your own mind, that is called having thinking. Confused people who sit in meditation fanatically trying to get ride of illusion […]