Kate Murphy

‘We are, each of us, the sum of what we attend to in life.’ (from a New York Times article) Sometimes one line is enough, though the whole article – and no doubt her book – are well worth reading and contemplating. I know that this practice has enabled me to listen better, with more focus […]

Larry Yang

‘Truly we don’t own land. We don’t work land. We don’t use land, and we don’t even exploit land. We are land. We are the same elements of which the earth is composed. We do not move and walk on the earth: we are earth that moves and walks with the whole – regardless of the extent of our […]

Dale S. Wright

‘The “self” of subjectivity is profoundly elusive, however. Whenever each of us says the word “I,” we know exactly what we mean. But as soon as we attempt seriously to consider what it is that this word names, we are at a loss. Subjectivity is at once the most obvious and the most invisible phenomenon, […]

Jack Kornfield

‘Freedom is always found just where you are. Whether you are caring for a child, building a business, playing a game, or healing an illness, it all takes place right now. Hurrying and worrying don’t bring more time. All we truly ever have is the present moment. The past is gone; the future is not […]

Rest and Repose

As I was giving my dharma talk on the solstice, I started by invoking it, and how the darkest time of the year has acted as a time of reflection and renewal across human cultures. I nearly mentioned one of my students, who had told me that week that he had been stressed right through […]


‘Cherish the dropping away of body and mind. Eyes like lightning illuminate the Milky Way. Value sitting that breaks through the vajra seat. Who knows the wall-gazing of our house?’ (Extensive Record, 272)