Lama Rod Owens

‘When we reflect on the Buddha, we are reflecting on an example of a being who modeled a particular path of enlightenment based on the premise that we can train the mind to let go of delusion and embrace clarity. When we reflect on the dharma, we reflect on the teachings of the Buddha as […]

Road To Heaven

‘One of the nuns at Lungwang Temple told us that Yuan-chao was living in an adobe hut on a small plateau that had been leveled off for Kuan-yin Temple’s future shrine hall. We followed the nun up the slope to Yuan-chao’s hut. She was sitting cross-legged on her k’ang, an adobe bed with a built-in oven […]

Lama Rod Owens

‘We have to understand that at some point we have to develop an attitude of needing to love everything, especially what is unlovable. Everything has to be loved if you’re interested in getting free.’ (Love And Rage) This made me think too that we can’t wait for the unlovable to transform itself into something lovable. […]


‘Deepest zazen doesn’t change anything outside of us. It makes clear the interconnected nature of all things and if we just stare at the nature of all things including what we refer to as our minds and bodies, our attitude can change…drop by drop.’ (from the Boundless in Motion blog)

Dale S. Wright

‘Wisdom, therefore, is the ability to face the truth and not to be unnerved or frightened. It is the capacity to be disillusioned, but not disheartened. It is the ability to consider the contingency and groundlessness of all things, oneself included, and not turn away from that consideration in fear. Wisdom means setting aside illusions […]

Lama Rod Owens

‘A spiritual path is where we are working to transform what is difficult or burdensome into wisdom or clarity, which invites us into the experience of freedom. Any path of transformation requires two kinds of offering. The first offering is material to work with to transform, and the second offering is the method or practice […]


‘When you’re in the ocean, why search for water? When you’re on the peak, why look for the mountain? The mountain is a mountain. Water is water. But where is the Buddha?’ (Commentary on the Diamond Sutra) We seem to be in a little theme of mountains right now. There might be, under other circumstances a […]

Konda Mason

‘The more I practice, the more I see that my liberation is right here, within myself. My lack of liberation is right here. There are a lot of things that can help in society, but my being trapped is inside myself. What mindfulness has done is show me where I’m tripping myself up. It shows […]