Sylvia Boorstein

‘Becoming aware of the sudden feeling of anger is like having a thermometer in the mind. When I see the temperature jump, I know something has just happened that was either frightening or saddening. When I am skillful, instead of making any overt, angry response, I can spend a moment looking for the source of […]

David Michie

‘We continue to believe in the superstition of consumerism: the shared, misguided belief that the golden path of happiness is to be accessed by rearranging the externals of our lives in a particular way. We live in a society which is mesmerized by external reengineering. Look at television output on any one night and you […]


‘Patacara set out on her own, heavy with child, carrying her young son on her back. It was the start of the rainy season. Her husband caught up with her as a great storm arose and her labor pains began. Lightning flashed all around, and great thunderclaps echoed in the sky. Rain began to fall […]

Sylvia Boorstein

‘Mind states come and go. Even quiet mind states.’ (It’s Easier Than You Think) A good reminder that we are not aiming for some blissed-out realm of quietude (I searched to see if I had a post from one of the old Chinese guys dissing ‘silent illumination’, but drew a blank). What are we aiming for? […]

The Intimacy of Sangha

After my nourishing week in the mountains, and a turn-around in the city just long enough to do my laundry and catch up on emails, I headed up to Oregon last Wednesday to attend the Gen X Buddhist Teachers Conference at Great Vow monastery. This is my third time attending the conference, after 2013 and […]

Sylvia Boorstein

‘If I want to build big biceps, I need to use every opportunity to practice lifting weights. If I want to live in a way that is loving and generous and fearless, then I need to practice overcoming any tendency to be angry or greedy or confused. Life is a terrific gym.’ (It’s Easier Than You […]

Tara Brach

‘If we ask ourselves when meeting anyone – friend or stranger – “How can I be more kind?” inevitably we will recognize that every being needs to be listened to, loved and understood. While we might become aware of this first with those in our immediate circle, it is possible to pay attention and care […]